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Financial Planning led Investment Management

Our aim is to go beyond what is expected by our clients and provide a high-quality professional service, driven by expertise and delivered through exceptional teamwork.

London Wealth Management is an alternative to the largest wealth management companies, with a comparable level of expertise, outsourced custodian security and stability but with a personal and high-quality service. London Wealth Management is a genuine alternative for you.

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Our goal is always to deliver exceptional service by experienced and highly qualified financial professionals. Our aim is to help and support people like you, and your family, throughout the stages of your life. We provide planning-led investment management which is tailored to your unique needs, for whichever time of life you find yourself today.

Whatever the time, the best time to plan is now.

Our personal service is based on forging long-lasting relationships of mutual respect and trust. This is how we help to develop your financial security and goals.

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What our clients say

"Safe and secure with LWM"

"I always feel safe and secure that LWM is looking after me. It is so appreciated trust me, I can plough on with my life after our chat and sleep easy at night."

"Very appreciative of the LWM support"

"We are, as ever, indebted to the LWM team for their hard work and appreciative of how well they look after our family."

"LWM time and effort"

"A thank you to the LWM team for their time and efforts over the past 12 months. I appreciate October and November got us into positive territory for the year, but we needed to be in the right stocks to allow this to have happened in the first place."

"Best thing I have done in years"

"It is a good feeling now that I have your team, I just had no idea before, now I can concentrate on going out and working. Best thing I have done in years, so thank you!"
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