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At London Wealth Management we strive to deliver an outstanding personal service with the aim of protecting and growing the wealth of our clients.
We believe the best way to deliver such a service is through the calibre of those that represent you. We have built a team of experienced, talented and highly qualified professionals. When you work with London Wealth Management you leverage an entire team dedicated to your success.
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Financial Planning led Investment Management

We offer financial planning and discretionary investment management. It is one service for all, but unique to each client.

Every client benefits from both a dedicated financial planner and investment manager. They will work closely together to deliver your bespoke financial plan and investment portfolio.

Our expert investment managers consider a wide range of investment research and our independence gives us access to the whole of the market. We will agree on asset allocation parameters and your mandated investment risk profile when designing your portfolio. One size does not fit all, we go beyond that to deliver a unique discretionary investment portfolio for your needs.

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What is discretionary investment management?

Discretionary investment management describes a process where the investor gives authority to their wealth manager to make decisions on their behalf.

Decisions we make will be in line with investment objectives and risk tolerance which are agreed with you and reviewed annually. Portfolios are constructed and based on expertise and market insights of the Investment Management team. This flexibility allows the team to make day-to-day investment decisions, and to move quickly if required. You will benefit from the Investment Manager’s expertise and experience, while freeing up your time and resources.

Combined disciplines for a unified service

To deliver the best possible outcomes we shall research, review, rebalance, and report regularly. We will sit with you periodically to review your planning and goals, ultimately keeping you on track.

Your Financial Planning

  • Cash management
  • Tax efficiency and diversification
  • Capital gains management
  • Cash flow modelling
  • Pension regulations
  • Investment objectives
  • Capacity for loss
  • Attitude to risk
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Protection reviews

Your Investment Management

  • Investment strategy based on your objectives and risk tolerance
  • Open architecture
  • Tax efficient investing
  • Active investment management
  • Research led decision making
  • Diversified portfolios tailored to each client
  • ESG overlay with a focus on the importance of Governance

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A single management fee

Our approach begins with a personalised financial plan based on your life goals, risk tolerance, and overall investment objectives. Our service is not time costed, so a metaphorical fee-clock will never start ticking. Our fees are transparent and based on a long term relationship, with no upfront costs.

We offer an initial consultation to establish whether our service is the right fit for you.

For financial planning led discretionary investment management we charge a single clean fee encompassing both disciplines.

LWM Annual Management Fee RJ Custodian Fee* LWM Trading Charges
Combined portfolios below £5m 0.13% pa flat fee of £25 per trade
First £3m 0.85% pa + VAT
Above £3m 0.75% pa + VAT
Combined portfolios above £5m 0.10% pa flat fee of £10 per trade
£5m 0.70% pa + VAT
£5m - £15m 0.60% pa + VAT
Above £15m 0.50% pa + VAT

Combined portfolios below £5m

LWM Annual Management Fee
First £3m 0.85% pa + VAT
Above £3m 0.75% pa + VAT
RJ Custodian Fee* LWM Trading Charges
0.13% pa flat fee of £25 per trade

Combined portfolios above £5m

LWM Annual Management Fee
£5m 0.70% pa + VAT
£5m - £15m 0.60% pa + VAT
Above £15m 0.50% pa + VAT
RJ Custodian Fee* LWM Trading Charges
0.13% pa flat fee of £25 per trade

*Fee paid directly to Raymond James, our trading partner for their custodian services.

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