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We build real relationships with our clients to deliver a personal and professional service with combined investment & planning that goes beyond your expectations.
London Wealth Management was founded on the principle of being a true alternative to the largest wealth management companies, to offer and deliver more than your expectations. We strive to deliver a personal service of the highest possible standard.

What you want from our service

At certain times in life it can be of critical importance to receive advice that is free from emotion; something that can be near impossible to do for oneself. This is why we build such strong relationships with our clients – it allows us to offer the advice you need to hear, not always the advice you want to hear.

We work with you to build your financial security and help you achieve your goals, as well as supporting you – and those important to you – to understand your overall financial plan. We offer the peace-of-mind that your affairs are being managed by passionate and highly qualified professionals.

We are here to support and understand our clients, which is why they stay with us, and why many refer their friends and family to us. We believe financial planning and investment management go hand-in-hand, and we give the same level of service to all our clients. It is a personal service based on forging long-lasting relationships.

LWM clients are:

  • High net worth individual
  • UK based, UK domiciled
  • Minimum of £500k investable assets or the ability to add to existing assets over time
  • Accumulating or decumulating wealth
  • Looking for comprehensive financial planning review leading to discretionary investment management
Close up of Paul Hoban, managing director at LWM, having a client meeting in the board room, with laptop and documents on the desk

Initial Consultation

We like to build trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with clients for whom we can add real value. To do so we begin with our initial no-fee consultation. We will ask and answer some questions, but the consultation is essentially performed to answer the most important questions. Is our service right for you? And, are you a good fit for our service?

We charge a single management fee for our financial planning-led discretionary management service. We have structured our fees to be both fair and good value with no emphasis on transactional business.

Each client has their own unique circumstances, goals and objectives. London Wealth Management will treat you as an individual and tailor our service to your needs. This relationship allows us to support you in planning your finances and managing your investments over the long-term; ensuring the plan remains appropriate and effective.
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Your investments are critical during this period of accumulation to make sure you are comfortable now, and living the lifestyle you desire. At this stage the priority is to maintain and build your wealth. Your plan will utilise tax efficiencies and ensure your income and wealth work for your present, immediate future, and retirement.

Sticking to your plan, performing regular reviews and managing your investments are vital to your long-term financial success. This is the core of our expertise. Whatever you would like to achieve, now is the ideal time for a review of your financial planning and investments.

  • Tax efficiency
  • Tax planning
  • Balance sheet management
  • Cash Flow modelling
  • Reviewing existing pensions and optimising pension strategy
  • Get peace-of-mind by reducing financial uncertainty
  • Support your children (first-home, education fees, etc.)
  • Look after your family finances
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Review and improve your investment returns
  • Plan for your comfortable retirement

We know circumstances change, we are here to guide you through these periods and ensure you keep an eye on your long term financial goals.

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Before you retire you will need to know that you can afford to do so, and when. A tailored cash flow plan will show you how you can maintain your lifestyle, how you can preserve what you have, mitigate risk and allow for generational wealth planning.

Financial security and peace-of-mind can help you to enjoy your retirement and our experts will work hard to:

  • Protect your wealth
  • Plan your income in retirement
  • Optimise tax efficiencies
  • Manage investments for growth and income
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Plan for health or care costs
  • Understand inheritance tax planning
  • Assist with intergenerational and probate planning
  • Assist with death planning
  • Support your adjustment to retirement and understanding of any changes
  • Monitor your vulnerability
Close up of Edward Tudor, Investment Director at London Wealth Management, meeting a client at the board room table.

A long-term relationship is crucial to our personal service, delivered by people who care genuinely about you and your family’s financial security.

Over the stages of one’s life there come times of vulnerability, and we act in the best interest of all our clients. In the event of those times of vulnerability – illness or the death of a loved one, for example – we will be vigilant and quick to advise and act decisively to support you as a client and to help you understand any changes.

It is truly a life-long journey and one we are privileged and dedicated to making with each of our clients.

How we work

Discovering your vision and goals

The basis of our service is our relationship with you. We will work hard to develop a deep understanding of your financial priorities. We will discover where you are now, where you want to be, and help you to set your future goals.

Building a financial plan

Our qualified team will work with you to develop a plan to help you meet your goals. The end result of this will be a robust plan tailored to your needs and designed to deliver the best possible outcome.

Investing in your future

We take our responsibilities to you very seriously, and never more so than when we are investing the wealth you have entrusted to us. Our professional investment managers are highly qualified and experienced at constructing bespoke investment portfolios at your pre-agreed risk level.

Keeping you on track

Plans can change, sometimes quickly. We are a highly-responsive team, here to support you by understanding your needs and current market conditions, and to explain things along the way. It is our job to make sure you are taking suitable actions when you need to, for example changes in pension legislation, tax changes, or responding to changing market conditions.
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